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CIPM Certification and Global Privacy Landscape

cipm certification

CIPM Certification and Global Privacy Landscape


In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the enactment of Data Protection Legislation in different Parts of the world. According to Enza Iannopollo, a principal analyst at Forrester Research observed that since 2018, after the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there has been a trend of constant influx of legislation and regulations from this field. Further the P. An Iannopollo observed that nearly 100 countries around the world have some form of data privacy or similar security rules in place and those rules are becoming stringent from time to time.

To substantiate the above trend, Gartner Inc. released a research report on May 31, 2022, which identifies about the upward trend in the growth of privacy regulations in the international scenario. The report predicts that by the end of 2024, around 75% of the world’s population will have their data covered under modern privacy laws and regulations.

Implementation of effective Privacy Program Management: 

To address the above situation, the implementation of an effective privacy program is paramount. A potent privacy program helps an organization to implant the notion of privacy into the overall business practice of an entity. The potential implementation of a privacy program is not just limited to legal or regulatory compliance of Data protection legislation, rather it serves many other functions including maintaining the quality of the data collected, satisfying customer expectations, improving brand reputation, safeguarding personal data against threats and cyber-attacks etc. Most of the corporations around the world are seriously investing in the effective implementation of privacy programs. According to the Gartner report, it is expected that the annual budget for large organizations for privacy program implementation may extend beyond 2.5 million dollars by 2024. 

According to a blog report published by the Canadian Bar Association titled ” How to Establish a Privacy Program: A Primer” stresses a new approach that implementing an effective privacy program shall be considered as a strategic goal for a company to demonstrate the value that is placed on privacy, integrity and confidentiality that the company holds to up. The said goal in turn will contribute to brand visibility and attain customer trust. 

 But to accomplish the above-mentioned goals and to ensure a smooth transition of privacy program implementation and for overlooking the whole operation it is paramount to appoint a Privacy Program Manager. According to Manitoba’s government Guidelines for Implementing a privacy management program for privacy accountability in Manitoba’s public sector, the second most important step in conducting an assessment and implementation of a privacy program is to appoint a lead person with sufficient knowledge and authority to access the compliance requirements under relevant privacy laws. Apart from the knowledge perspective, the lead person appointed must have experience of holding a senior management position to oversight the whole operation and assessment of privacy program.

Relevancy of CIPM certification: 

To achieve all the above skill sets and to gain a career edge over other persons who are willing to pursue a career in privacy management or you are planning to upskill yourself to elevate your privacy career, then earning a CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Management ) certification can be your go-to choice. A person who is pursuing CIPM certification is being trained extensively on privacy regulations and complex compliance requirements. 

The National Initiative for Cyber Security Career and Studies ( an official initiative by the US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency) mandates the uniqueness and importance of the CIPM program. It is the only certification that helps you to understand privacy program management and the “how to ” of privacy Training. 

According to the IAPP CIPM Body of Knowledge, Domain 1 of CIPM exams deals with developing the scope and structure of privacy program strategy and covers various performance indicators based on an organization’s privacy strategy. 

Who should take this certification? 

There are no prerequisites for CIPM certification.

 The certificate is for the target audience :

  • Data Protection Lawyers 
  • Data Protection Officers 
  • Privacy analysts and Privacy consultants
  • Governance and Risk compliance professionals
  • Information technology auditors

Exam Pattern for CIPM certification: 

It is an MCQ-based examination which contains 90 questions. The Exam duration is  2. 5 hours. The passing percentage for the exam is 60 %.

How Tsaaro Academy can help you?

If you are passionate about elevating your privacy career by obtaining CIPM certification, then Tsaaro Academy is the best choice that you will never regret. The Training of the Tsaaro Academy consists of industry experts having hands-on experience in implementing privacy programs for organizations in compliance with GDPR, and CCPA. Apart from world-class training with Premium Study material, Tsaaro Academy has complimentary options of providing adequate career support and an opportunity to connect with a strong network of Alumni students which will ultimately guide our learners to land in their dream privacy role. 

Whom to contact and how to get started? 

Tsaaro Academy has got you covered. If you are interested in any other courses offered by Tsaaro Academy including C- DPO (India), C- DPO (Practitioner), ISO Lead Auditor, ISO Lead Implementer etc. Please visit our Tsaaro Academy website for further details and our contact our experts to assist you with further Steps. 



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