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CIPP/E Certification: What and Why?

cippe certification

CIPP/E Certification: What and Why?


The CIPP/E Certification is a distinguished qualification that signifies a deep understanding of data privacy regulations and compliance within the European Union, making it a valuable asset for professionals looking to navigate the complex landscape of data protection and privacy in this region.

With the accelerated growth of AI, IoT and other novel technologies and with the number of worldwide internet users increasing to a new height of 5.18 billion in 2023, the risk of privacy and other cybersecurity-related incidents are also at an all-time high. For instance, according to a report published by IBM titled “Cost of Data Breach Report 2023”    the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was around 4.45 million dollars and it has increased over 15 % in the last 3 years. Further the report observed that 51 % of organizations are planning to increase security investments in fields including Incident response, employee training and threat detection. 

With these emerging threats, the importance of hiring qualified cybersecurity and privacy professionals is paramount. According to a report published by Michael Page titled “India Salary Guide 2023 “there is a huge demand for legal professionals proficient in Data Privacy, ethics and compliance. The report found that the average salary of lawyers working in such related services is around 13 LPA and the lawyers with 10 yrs. of experience in IT and related services (i.e. Data Protection) are earning a maximum salary of INR 60 LPA. 

If a person is willing to start their career in privacy or if you are a lawyer who is willing to switch to privacy, then this is the right time to do so. But the process of switching careers to privacy is not an easy task. Most of the job requirements mandate an in-depth knowledge of data protection legislation. To bridge the above skill gap, IAPP has launched a certification for entry-level privacy professionals known as CIPP/E. 

What is CIPP/E and why it is important?

According to “IAPP – EY Annual Privacy Governance Report 2022 “ the scope of activities undertaken by the privacy team continues to grow exponentially. The report further suggests that the average size of the Privacy team in an organization grew by 12 per cent. 

To tap this unique opportunity, being CIPP/E certified is paramount. CIPP/E or Certified Information Privacy Professional /Europe is a globally recognized certification exam developed by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)  in collaboration with the law firms Field Fisher, Bird and Bird, Covington and Burling, Wilson. The CIPP/E certification is ANAB accredited and demonstrates a knowledge-based understanding of the principles-based framework in information privacy. 

Who should take this certification? 

This CIPP/E certification is a globally accredited certification for professionals entering into the field of privacy. The course is designed for: 

  • Lawyers aspiring to be trained in Data Protection 
  • Data Protection Officers 
  • Legal compliance officers 
  • Human Resource Officers 
  • Record Managers 
  • Information Officers 
  • Professionals using, maintaining and processing personal information 

How to obtain the CIPP/E certification:

To obtain the CIPP/E certification, candidates must successfully pass a rigorous MCQ-based examination that evaluates their understanding and proficiency across multiple domains of data protection. The exam covers a wide range of subjects to guarantee that certified professionals have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in protecting personal data. 

The syllabus for the examination is divided into 3 main topics: 

1. Introduction to European Data Protection: 

  • Origins and Historical Context of Data Protection Law 
  • European Union Institutions 
  • Legislative Framework 

2. European Data Protection Law and Regulation:

  • Data Protection concepts 
  • Territorial and material scope of GDPR 
  • Data Processing Principles 
  • Lawful Processing criteria
  • Information Provision obligations 
  • Security of Personal Data 
  • Accountability Requirements 
  • International Data Transfers
  • Supervision and Enforcement 
  • Consequences for GDPR violation 

3. Compliance with European Data Protection law and Regulation:

  • Employment Relationship
  • Surveillance Activities 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Internet Technology and communications 
How to Prepare for CIPP/ E?

According to the IAPP official study guide, a minimum of 30 hours of preparation is enough to pass the examination. To improve the chance of success or to pass the examination on the first attempt it is highly recommended to an official IAPP training course. With the ever-evolving changes in GDPR and abundant choice of study materials, it is overwhelming for a fresher to opt in for self-study. In such a case, an official renowned instructor lead training can come in handy with structured guides study notes and practice questions to bolster your success rate in passing the examination. 

How Tsaaro Academy can help you?

If you are passionate about elevating your privacy career by obtaining CIPP/E certification, then Tsaaro Academy is the best choice that you will never regret. The Training of the Tsaaro Academy consists of industry experts having hands-on experience in implementing privacy programs for organizations in compliance with GDPR, and CCPA. Apart from world-class training with Premium Study material, Tsaaro Academy has complimentary options of providing adequate career support and an opportunity to connect with a strong network of Alumni students which will ultimately guide our learners to land in their dream privacy role. 

Whom to contact and how to get started? 

Tsaaro Academy has got you covered. If you are interested in any other courses offered by Tsaaro Academy including C- DPO (India), C- DPO (Practitioner), ISO Lead Auditor, ISO Lead Implementer etc. Please visit our Tsaaro Academy website for further details and contact our experts to assist you with further Steps. 



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