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Complete Guide To Get Your Cipp/Us

CIPP/US Certification

Complete Guide To Get Your Cipp/Us

Privacy has growing importance in everyone’s professional and personal life. The privacy is not only a single field it includes cybersecurity, compliance, information governance, organization management. Therefore, privacy certification has become important among privacy professionals. These certifications distinguish the best from the rest. It comes in four distinct flavors, or concentrations, each covering a specific region. Thus we have CIPP/E for Europe, CIPP/A for Asia, CIPP/C for Canada, and CIPP/US for the US private sector.

Now, if you are a resident of the US and in need of in- depth knowledge of U.S privacy environment for compliance and other privacy management responsibilities? Then CIPP/Us Certification is the best for you! This certification will elevate your career prospects and help to prepare you for CIPP/US certification testing. 

What can the CIPP/US do for you? How does this certificate boost your career? This blog guides you to get your CIPP/Us credential


As the global gold standard for privacy professionals, the CIPP/US certification is a key industry benchmark among top employers. Backed by ANSI/ISO accreditation, a CIPP/US credential delivers higher earning potential and increased promotion opportunities as it shows you have a strong understanding of U.S. privacy laws and regulations. 

Who can enroll in this course? 

Anyone can take the CIPP/US exam including lawyers, IT specialists, marketing specialists, risk managers, HR, entrepreneurs, etc. You can take it if you are fresher and looking to start your career in the Data Privacy field and even if you want to restart your career, switching your career CIPP/Us will give you a boost and act as a golden ticket into the industry.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to the U.S. Privacy Environment
  • Limits on Private-sector Collection and Use of Data
  • Government and Court Access to Private-sector Information
  • Workplace Privacy
  • State Privacy Laws

Exam Details: 

The CIPP/Us exam comprises 90 questions. Surprisingly, only 70 of these questions are scored and the remaining is unscored. The allotted time limit is 2.5 hours, separated in two parts by an optional 15-minute break. The exam allows you to flag questions that you want to revisit. All the questions are multiple-choice types, including fact-based and scenario based questions. The scenario-based questions usually are 2-3 paragraphs long with 3-4 questions relating to each scenario. The CIPP/US exam can be purchased anytime through the IAPP store and must be completed within one year of purchase. The CIPP/US can be taken either virtually, or in person at a test center. The exam is available in English. Your result will be shown to you instantly, upon the completion of the exam. 

CIPP/US Resources

We recommend the following approach to prepare for the CIPP/Us exam:

  • Book – Peter Swire and DeBrae Kennedy-Mayo, U.S. Private-Sector Privacy, Third Edition, IAPP, 2020.,Available through the IAPP website and store, see,
  • Book – Daniel J. Solove and Paul M. Schwartz. Privacy Law Fundamentals – New 2019 Edition. Portsmouth: IAPP Publications, 2019,
  • How to Prepare for Certification, IAPP
  • Sample questions – IAPP and practice papers online

Few other IAPP-provided resources will help you assess your readiness to the exam,

  • Glossary of privacy terms
  • CIPP/US  Body of knowledge
  • CIPP/US  Blue-print

How to prepare? 

  1. Familiarising yourself with the exam blueprint is one of the most important approaches to preparing for the CIPP/Us Exam. This will tell you which topics have the most important in the exam and in which you can expect more questions. You can use this tool in conjunction with the body of knowledge to plan your study approach for the IAPP examinations.
  2. While reading summaries of the official textbook, or other materials to help you study for the CIPP/Us exam, you can make flashcards. Flashcards are the best for helping you to remember unknown terminologies. 
  3. Read the IAPP Textbook, because the majority of the questions are asked from the IAPP official textbook. It covers every aspect of privacy programme governance and the operational life cycle of privacy. The required textbook is bulky and often challenging to read. Additionally, it’s essential that you practise answering practice questions to have a sense of what to anticipate on exam day. The IAPP website offers exam questions for sale, but they are pricey and might not be enough to effectively prepare you for the CIPM exam. You can also search the official website ( ) for other free tools that will help you study for the exam. 
  4. Always go with your instinct.
  5. Pay attention to each question, as each answer will look similar to yours. It becomes essential to eliminate the wrong ones first and later decide upon the remaining ones.
  6. Don’t waste your time over a single question, if you are not sure of the answer, you may mark it and save it for later. 
  7. For scenario-based questions, it is prudent to read the questions first rather than reading the scenario as it might have a lot of irrelevant stuff which might confuse you while answering. Reading the questions will help you in filtering out the irrelevant ones.
  8. There will be no time for second-guessing or attempting the same question again. Once you have selected an answer, move on to the next question as it is a time-bound test.

Benefits of CIPP/Us

  • The CIPP is the global industry standard for professionals entering and working in the field of privacy.
  • Achieving a CIPP/US credential demonstrates understanding of a principles-based framework and knowledge base in information privacy within the U.S. context. 
  • You’ll be recognized as part of an elite group of knowledgeable, capable and dedicated privacy and data protection practitioners.
  • Holding a CIPP/US designation elevates your leadership profile among your colleagues. 
  • The CIPP/US is a key benchmark among top employers for hiring and promoting privacy professionals.
  • Gain a foundational understanding of broad global concepts of privacy and data protection law and practice.
  • Gain knowledge of jurisdictional laws, regulations and enforcement models, privacy concepts and principals. 
  • Legal requirements for handling and transferring data.
  • It helps you  understand the limits on Private-sector Collection and Use of Data . 
  • It helps you understand the Government and Court Access to Private-sector Information, Workplace Privacy and State Privacy Laws. 



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