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Cybersecurity for Parents: Empowering Families through Data Privacy Education

cyber security for parents

Cybersecurity for Parents: Empowering Families through Data Privacy Education


Twenty years ago, it would be unimaginable to witness how Human Beings have become reliant on technology and the Internet for almost every part of their day. From entertainment to communication to education, today’s technology has dramatically impacted virtually every person, including children. Nowadays, it is not surprising to observe children using the latest technologies and growing up surrounded by technology. However, this exposure to the Internet can be a significant cause of concern for parents. In a Report by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), it was estimated that around 80% of children living in developed Western Countries have a digital footprint before attaining the age of two.

Moreover, according to European Surveys, 38% of 9 – 12-year-olds have social media accounts. These figures raise several concerns over Data Privacy for Children on the Internet. Hence, it is increasingly important for parents to be well-equipped with Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Education to ensure the safety of their children online. In this blog, we will discuss the dangers of Open Internet Access to Children and how Parents, through Data Privacy Education, can help protect their Children Online.

Why is it important to Protect your Children Online?

One of the main factors contributing to the growth of Children’s online presence was the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. In the same Report published by the UNHRC, the daily active accounts for Facebook’s Messenger Kids grew by nearly 350% from March to September 2020. Undeniably, the Internet has made an enormous contribution to developing a Child’s self-esteem and overall development. While this development is mainly unavoidable and necessary in today’s digital age, parents must be well aware of the dangers lurking on the Internet.

It is estimated that nearly 59% of teenagers in the United States of America have been victims of Cyberbullying. This cyber-bullying can take on various forms, such as offensive name-calling, false rumors online, receiving explicit images, physical threats, and invasion of Privacy. Any form of cyberbullying on the Internet can severely hamper a child’s mental development, causing problems in self-esteem, relationships, and psychosocial development. 

Additionally, with the number of young children having an active digital footprint, a large amount of data is being generated and collected on a daily scale resulting in the upscale of the marketing industry. In 2021, the children’s digital advertising market was valued at over USD 2.9 billion, expected to surpass USD 21.1 billion in 2031. This extensive marketing is another major cause of concern as young children are often more susceptible to targeted marketing and cannot comprehend the persuasion of Digital Marketing. 

Hence, the open access of Children to the Internet can severely hamper the mental and emotional health, resulting in privacy infringements and even loss of personal reputation. Hence, governments worldwide have implemented strict measures to ensure special obligations when collecting and processing children’s data online. However, the same is not enough to protect your child online. Thus, the need for Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Education for parents has become increasingly important to protect children online.

How can Parents Protect their Children Online?

Unlike protecting children from physical dangers, protecting children from Digital Threats may seem more complex. With everything becoming digital, children are more involved with the Digital Space, requiring careful attention to what they do online. One of the reasons for the complexity is the lack of knowledge by parents on how to effectively protect their children online. However, this complexity can be overcome by effectively understanding and taking measures to ensure the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity of Children, such as:

  • Setting Clear Boundaries: Parents can protect their children online by setting up boundaries such as setting time limits, restricting the use of specific websites or applications, enabling parental control, etc. However, this method of protection does not effectively ensure the security of Children online and may become too restricting for the child.
  • Communication: One significant way that parents can protect their children online is through communication. This includes that the parents are well informed about the aspects of Data Privacy and can effectively communicate the dangers of the Internet to children. By ensuring awareness of children online, the risks can be minimized, however, doing so requires parents to be well-informed of the Digital Environment.
  • Privacy Settings: Simple communication and awareness may be insufficient to protect children online. Parents need to be well equipped with the technical knowledge on managing Privacy online and on social media. By doing so, parents can efficiently demonstrate to their children how to protect their Privacy online and ensure that children are well aware of the dangers of social media.
  • Education on Cybercrimes: Children are often unaware that they are the victims of cyberbullying or other crimes online. As a result, children are unable to communicate any problems faced online. By educating children on crimes online, such as cyberbullying and harassment, children will learn to avoid such dangers and report them beforehand.
  • Safe Online Gaming: Online Gaming has become very prominent amongst children, which can be a source of problems concerning cyberbullying and Privacy. Parents must encourage children to maintain Privacy when playing online games and be respectful online. Moreover, ensuring children play with people they know and trust can help provide a better environment when playing games online.

One of the overarching necessities for parents to protect their children online is to ensure that the parents themselves are well aware of Data Privacy and Cybersecurity. Only when parents are able to comprehend this crucial topic in the digital age can parents actively protect their children online. Through Data Privacy Education, parents can ensure their family’s privacy online. 


The Internet has become an essential facet of our daily lives. It has taken over the way we communicate, the way we work, and arguably the way we live. As a result of this, children are the most affected as they have been immersed in the Online World at the time of their birth. This has resulted in children having an active presence online. But the dangers behind the Internet are still lurking around, and children remain unaware of how to protect themselves online. Children are often exposed to various dangers, such as Cyberbullying, identity theft, and harassment which could potentially hamper their mental and emotional health and well-being. Therefore, the parents must be well aware of the significance of Data Privacy and Cybersecurity. By ensuring effective Data Privacy Education, families can take one step ahead in this digital era and protect themselves from the danger lurking online.  

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