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Exclusive upcoming offline event on Building Indian DPDPA Compliance Program.

Exclusive upcoming offline event on Building Indian DPDPB Compliance Program.

Digital Personal Data Protection Act

As India is now known to produce humongous amount of digital data, the Indian government has come up with the Digital Personal Data Protection, which is India’s first dedicated data protection law. India will thus join a score of countries which have a law that lays down a proper framework of rights, duties, and recourses for people whose data is collected.


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2 Sept’2023


10 AM –4 PM IST

Duration : 6 Hrs



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Offline Session on

Master Digital Personal Data Protection in 6 hours

Delve into the Indian Privacy legislation Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA), as the Indian industries are going to witness the privacy compliance. DPDPA as a game changer in the Indian industry, understand the recent modifications in this Indian Privacy law.  

Attend this event and enter into the compliance game, within 6 hours of in-depth knowledge of the DPDPA!  

Meet Our Trainer

Sasikanth Akhilesh

Consultant Data Privacy & Privacy Engineering  | FIP, CIPM, CIPT, CIPP/E

Sasikanth Akhilesh has a vast industry experience in the area of Data Privacy, Compliance, Privacy Engineering, and Management. He has prior expertise in the privacy space working as a privacy professional previously at the Big 4 companies like KPMG & PwC. He holds an MBA in Business Strategy and Information Technology from IIT Roorkee. With his diversified experience in different fields and knowledge in multiple areas as a Privacy leader, he now leads and trains the Privacy Consulting team at Tsaaro, along with guiding the management by strategizing, framing, and implementing plans for the organization.

-Certified Fellow in Privacy (FIP) by IAPP, the highest level of privacy certification.
-Certified in CIPM, CIPT, and CIPP/E, showcasing expertise in information privacy management.
-Qualified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, demonstrating proficiency in information security.
-Experienced ISO 27701 Lead Auditor, highlighting expertise in privacy management and data protection.

Sasikanth Akhilesh has hundreds of hours of training experience and testimonials of his learners are evidence of his practical expertise in the privacy and cybersecurity domains.

Here are some crucial facts
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Privacy Legislation in India
0 st
Data Protection Board established by the act
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to implement and formally adopt tripartite model of data sharing
GDPR Principles this act covers
Crores Maximum Penalty under this act
Sections in 6 chapters introduced in this act
Who Can Attend?

Building Indian DPDPA Compliance Program

Welcome to Privacy CareerExperts’s C-DPO Bootcamp on How to Do Indian Privacy Law GAP Assessment. This offline bootcamp is intended to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to comply with Indian privacy legislation. The bootcamp covers different facets of Indian privacy law, such as the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2022, the Information Technology Act of 2000, and sector-specific legislation. Our knowledgeable trainers will walk you through the steps of identifying personal data, doing a GAP analysis, writing a privacy policy, and creating an incident response strategy.

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