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Empowering Lawyers in Privacy Program Management

Empowering Lawyers in Privacy Program Management


Certifications have been gaining ground in the hiring processes of all major industries. Sectors worldwide need conditions and markers to separate the candidates they want from all the masses in the job market. Certifications cater to industries by separating people with certain skills in demand from the common pool.

The Data privacy industry also follows this trend. Various certifications are being introduced by organizations catering to developing human resources per the standards and requirements of the industry. The major reasons for professionals to earn these certifications are:

  • Improving their Resume: These certifications imply that the candidate has some skills and resources that can cater to the demands of the industry.
  • Customer Assurance: Builds trust between the client and the company, knowing that the Professionals are skilled and have proof of the skills they claim to possess.
  • Diversifying the skill set of the candidates. Providing candidates with a holistic view of real-world problems, such as privacy management and technical expertise.

Privacy Management

The role of lawyers in the data privacy industry is wider than compliance now, with many options and a pool of people in the job market widening. Industry leaders are looking for versatile candidates who can look at a scenario from several lenses. Thus, to cater to this demand of developing professionals with skills as per the demand of the industry, various credible organizations engage in the Data Privacy and Privacy Management sector. These are the International Association of Privacy Professionals, i.e., the IAPP and Tsaaro Academy. These include but are not limited to the Certified Information Privacy Professional or CIPP, Certified Information Privacy Manager or CIPM. These are IAPP’s Certifications, while Tsaaro Academy has its C-DPO (Data protection officer) Intermediate course.


The IAPP offers this certification. In the Industry, it is referred to as Europe’s elite privacy certification—the CIPP/E, i.e., Certified Information Privacy Professional, catered per Europe’s jurisdictional requirements. Prima facie, what separates this certification from others is its recognition in the industry. Its distinction arises from the credibility of the IAPP in the data privacy sector.

Also, its curation is per the industry’s demands and standards, as the certification curriculum is made in collaboration with industry leaders such as Bird and Bird, Field Fisher, and Wilson/Sonsini. Broadly this certification covers all the major privacy laws applicable across Europe, along with fundamental concepts and definitions and the privacy principles followed in Europe. A deep understanding of themes ensures that the professional is empowered to manage their organization’s privacy and comply with European laws and regulations.

The IAPP provides a blueprint for the exam to boost the preparation of professionals. The broader themes covered by the curriculum of this exam are Introduction to European Data Protection, European Regulatory Institutions, International Data Transfers, Legislative Framework, and Compliance with European Data Protection Law and Regulation.

Furthermore, the credibility of this certification is further enhanced by ANAB Accreditation. This separates the professional from the rest of the colleagues due to the certificate reflecting the deep knowledge and skills of the professional.


It is one of the certifications offered by the IAPP. The CIPM, i.e., Certified Information Privacy Manager, provides the management skills and privacy administration of all data processing and storage stages. It enables professionals to manage such programs across all the steps. The upskill from this certification is unparalleled as it empowers the professional to make the organization’s data privacy law compliant by regulating its day-to-day operation. It enables professionals with skills to create a data protection system and implement its operation regularly.

The major take from the course curriculum of this exam is enabling the professional to structure a vision for the company, structure a privacy team curated per its functioning, implement and develop a privacy program framework, simplify communication and outreach to stakeholders, and measure and monitor performance. In gist, this certification implies that the professional has the resources and ability to assess and implement the operational life cycle of a privacy program, i.e., capable of becoming a Data protection officer.

Data Protection Officer

One of the General Data Protection Regulation mandates, i.e., GDPR, is appointing Data Protection Officers (DPO). The tasks of these DPOs include but are not limited to managing internal data protection activities, monitoring day-to-day compliance with the law, and conducting internal impact assessments and audits.

Earning a CIPP/E certification reflects that the professional has comprehensive knowledge of GDPR. It also reflects that the individual is empowered to ensure the organization’s compliance with European privacy laws. The individual can go one step further by earning a CIPM credential. CIPM and CIPP/E ensure the professional is ready to be appointed as a DPO in an organization per GDPR compliance. The CIPM provides theoretical aspects for implementing data privacy principles, while CIPP/E covers the foundational base. Thus, combining these courses elevates a professional to newer and diverse job profiles.


Tsaaro, one of the few registered IAPP training partners, offers this online certification. The Certified Tsaaro-Data Protection Officer course has three levels: foundational, intermediate, and practitioner. It is a 2-day remote certification. It requires 50% of the marks to earn this certification and move on to achieve higher levels of the C-DPO certification.

The basic curriculum covered by the course changes per the degree, narrowing down from the broader and general curriculum in the foundational approach to the intermediate and finally to the practitioner’s version. Earning all three levels of these certifications will imbibe the professional with all the conceptual clarity and practical understanding to run their organization in a manner compliant with its jurisdiction’s privacy laws. This course can help an individual elevate his candidacy for leadership and management roles in the organization.


In the modern world, industries are looking for versatile professionals who can cater to various roles in the workplace. Thus, having synergetic skills helps in developing a niche area of expertise. Therefore, the industry leaders curating these certifications is a terrific way for a professional to elevate his data privacy career.

Specialized jobs like Data protection officers are required under the GDPR. Professionals must be trained with the skills needed to carry out the activities under this role. Therefore, professionals can back the claims of being skilled enough to be appointed in Privacy management and DPOs by earning these certifications.

Thinking of becoming a privacy professional, then step into the professional world of privacy with Tsaaro Academy.



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