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How can CIPP/C certification help you in your data privacy career?

How can CIPP/C certification help you in your data privacy career?


Certification over the years has developed as a mechanism worldwide to separate people with premier skills from the rest. It provides an easier benchmark, albeit minimum, concerning what skills and information corporates expect from a future employee or to decide the level of progress of existing employees in the existing corporate structure.

However, personal certificates have recently become popular among people looking for employment. The large availability of such certifications has meant that the Authority issuing them matters the most nowadays as it sets the benchmark. The issuing Authority attributes veracity to the claim of skills and information made by the Applicant or employee.

Certifications in the field of privacy also follow the trend mentioned above. These certifications cater to both the needs of the employer and the employee. As for the former, it provides proof of expertise and confidence to clients while concerning the latter, it provides for upgradation in the CV of the professionals, increases chances of internal promotion, and highlights them among their colleagues and peers. One leading Authority that issues certifications in the Data privacy field is the International Association of Privacy Professionals.


IAPP, i.e., the International Association of Privacy Professionals, was founded in 2000. It acknowledges itself as the biggest community of global information privacy and resources worldwide. Its role is not limited to a certificate issuing body but is an active community that engages with privacy and information concerns globally. Its members are various leading institutions and individuals in the field of data privacy.

Broadly it caters to three goals: firstly, to provide certifications to professionals across the globe in the field of data privacy that may equip them with the latest and sufficient skills to advance further in their corporate structures. Secondly is to aid organisations in managing and protecting their data in a high leakage or spillage-prone environment. And lastly, it provides a platform for data privacy professionals and enthusiasts worldwide to track the latest trends and share practices that will best help deal with such concerns or help provide a better understanding of the emerging issues at hand through deliberation.

Three primary certifications provided by IAPP are firstly, the Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP); secondly, the Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) and thirdly, the Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT). These certifications comply with the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standard, which implies that these certifications have been created to analyse the subjects’ field-specialised skills in depth. Thus in effect, differentiating people who have the skills required for the jobs from those who don’t have those skillsets yet.


The Certified Information Privacy Professional, i.e., the CIPP, is one of the certifications offered by the IAPP. This certification aids the Practitioners with vital insights required to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with the applicable law or regulations. Its status has been maintained in the market due to IAPP’s partnership with leading field experts and law firms, which contribute to shaping the curriculum. These partnerships ensure that the curriculum covers the latest trends and focuses on relevant skills and information.

It’s easier for a privacy professional with CIPP certification to secure their place in the information economy. It is because the certification implies that the professional has a thorough knowledge of the privacy laws and regulations and is aware of know-how concerning the application of such laws and regulations. This certification also implies that the professional is well-equipped to handle data transfer and other data-related activities. Lastly, CIPP provides the opportunity for networking and connecting with field experts. The Certificate holders become a part of the global privacy enthusiast community, i.e. the IAPP.

As handling information across the world is subjected to local legal systems and frameworks generally, IAPP has provided for region-specific CIPP certifications. These versions are made per local laws handling data in a specific limited region. The five versions of CIPP offered are (i) CIPP/A (Asia), (ii) CIPP/C (Canada), (iii) CIPP/E (Europe: GDPR), (iv) CIPP/G (US Government) and (v) CIPP/US (US private sector).

Also


It is a foundational course catering to Canadian data privacy professionals specifically. This certification focuses on laws, regulations and policies and equips the professionals with adequate resources to assist their Organisations or clients in ensuring compliance with the law of the land.

If a Professional has obtained the CIPP/C certification, it implies that the professional is well versed with the Canadian laws, policies and regulations about handling and protecting data. It also ensures that the professional is up to date with the developments in the field in the Canadian Jurisdiction, making sure the professionals are at par with new entrants concerning coverage of the latest trends.

The CIPP/C broadly covers five themes which are: Fundamentals of Canadian privacy law and jurisprudence, the Role of the Canadian Government and legal system, the Role of the Enforcement agencies and power conferred to them and the mainstream legal practices in both the Canadian Public and Private Sector.

Over the years, CIPP/C certification has become a quality benchmark in the field of Data Privacy. Especially among the organisations engaged with their functioning in a Canadian jurisdiction. The advantages of a CIPP/C certification are:

  • CIPP is the global industry standard, as the curriculum is set up with the collaboration of various industry leaders in the IAPP. Thus a CIPP certification holder is equipped with skills and know-how of data privacy in demand as the course is tailored according to the needs of the industry.
  • It demonstrates an understanding of the Canadian Jurisprudential principles on Data protection and privacy and their scope of functioning, thus providing the professional with a competitive advantage.
  • It entails becoming part of not just a cohort of people with CIPP certifications but part of the larger community of privacy enthusiasts tackling privacy concerns worldwide, i.e., the IAPP.
  • CIPP has become a benchmark for hiring professionals; thus, certification highlights that professional among all other applicants. It also indicates the professional’s commitment to privacy and data protection.


Thus the CIPP/C Certification can be a booster in any data privacy professional’s career in the Canadian Jurisdiction, as it separates them from the rest. In effect, they are giving certification holders a competitive advantage over their colleagues and peers. Also, it is a mark of their skills and expertise in the Canadian jurisdiction’s Data privacy compliance and their commitment to the cause of Data privacy and protection. Further,  It can also be a starter for an individual looking into entering the Canadian data privacy sector, which is a very lucrative sector right now, providing salaries on an average worth 70,000 USD  and going up to the north of 115 000 USD per latest figures.

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