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How to Prepare for CIPM Exams?

iapp CIPM certificate informtion privacy manager

How to Prepare for CIPM Exams?

What is CIPM? 

The CIPM, Certified Information Privacy Manager, credentials hold a global perspective and focuses mainly on, implementing and managing Privacy Policies. This credential directly demonstrates and confirms your ability to develop, handle, administer and monitor Privacy Policy Programs at every level of it complete cycle. CIPM credential when matched with CIPP/E, it gives you the unmatched ability to accomplish the DPO standard of GDPR. Learning about fundamentalistic approach of administering Data Protection and activities along real time based activities that comes with the CIPM certification will help any organization stream line their privacy protocols into a robust one. 

Why one should get a CIPM certification? 

  • To create the company vision in compliance of Privacy. 
  • To structure the company’s privacy team and streamline its processes. 
  • To create and implement various privacy program. 
  • Communicating with the stakeholders. 
  • To keep an eye on the performance. 
  • To maintain the privacy programme of the organization. 

Detailed overview of the CIPM Certification Exam.  

  • Title of the Exam: CIPM, Certified Information Privacy Manager. 
  • Total number of Questions asked: 90. 
  • Nature of Questions: MCQ  
  • Exam Duration: 2.5 Hours / 150 Minutes.  
  • Pass Percentage: 60% 
  • Language of the Exam: English, German, French, Brazilian and Portuguese. 

How to Prepare for the CIPM? 

Practically, the IAPP exams are pretty challenging when it comes to ace it. For the best results an individual needs to prepare carefully. The right strategy and preparation can help any individual to achieve success and win in the exam. The CIPM certification exam stands out to be the world’s only privacy program management certification, you can advance your career, have access to new opportunities, and increase your pay. However, this doesn’t imply the fact that you cannot get pass through it. Acing this exam with careful planning and right amount of attentiveness will push you to success.  

Let’s get on the conversation on how to prepare and ace this exam: 

  1. Make yourself well versed with the Exam Blueprint.  

Knowing the exam blueprint in a well-versed form is one of the first essential step you can never miss while appearing for the CIPM Certification exam. Familiarizing helps you to get on board with the subjects that can be helpful to attain marks easily and also guides you through roadmap to figure out question pattern to nature of the questions asked.  This first step can be vital to run parallel with the knowledge to plan a study program to excel the IAPP CIPM Exam.  

  1. Regular Practice of solving Question and using informative textbooks.  

There’s an official textbook of IAPP CIPM which specifically focuses on acing the CIPM exam, where the majority of CIPM based questions are easily available to every individual interested. This book practically covers all aspect of Privacy managing programs, deals with its governance and also the administrative part of the cycle. However, the book prescribed is considered to be bulky one with a lot of information to read and learn from which becomes a major challenge in itself to complete.  

  1. Sign up for the best Training Programs.  

The fact that training programs helps you with your journey and roadmap to achieve your goal is undeniable. With experts’ advice and guidance, individuals get to understand and learn through real time concerns and questions making their way up to better, getting ready for the exam. The pros of Tsaaro Academy on this part are endless.  

  • Tsaaro Academy is an Official Training Partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).  
  • Our trainers have been actively engaged in doing actual DPO obligations, and are certified by IAPP to conduct the CIPM course.  
  • Together, the team has also trained thousands of participants in the Personal Data Protection Act. 
  • Our trainers have been actively engaged in doing actual GDPR audits of Indian companies for Tsaaro Academy. Together, the team has also trained more than 100 participants in the GDPR, PDPB, CCPA and similar laws. 
  • Tsaaro is already home to industry leaders. Now, we aim to unite data privacy professionals and solve the talent gap issue present in the global market. 

Course Content for CIPM certification 

It is comprised of six domains: 4-6 Years of Experience, Average Salary of Privacy Professional: 20 Lakhs per annum  

  1. Privacy Program Governance

Provides a solid foundation for the governance of a privacy program and defines how the privacy program may be developed, measured and improved. 

  1. Privacy Program Framework

Focuses on the management and operations of the privacy program governance model within the context of the organization’s privacy strategy. 

  1. Privacy Program Operational Life Cycle – Assessment

Details important components supporting the assessment or analysis of an organization’s privacy framework. 

  1. Privacy Program Operational Life Cycle – Protect

Outlines the protection of assets through the implementation of industry-leading privacy and security controls and technology. 

  1. Privacy Program Operational Life Cycle – Sustain

Details how the privacy program is sustained through communication, training and management actions. 

  1. Privacy Program Operational Life Cycle – Respond

Provides information and a solid foundation regarding the response to privacy incidents. 

Extra tips to Ace the Exam.  

  • Have and develop a good idea about your exam before taking up the training session and going ahead with any textbook.  
  • Prioritize clarifying the major and essential concepts of the CIPM exams.  
  • Never undervalue the idea and discussion with a Privacy expert helping you with insights and guidance.  
  • Learn Work time management by taking up mock test.  
  • Connect with people appearing for the exam as you.  
  • Don’t delay your exam after getting your training. 


With the power of ANSI/ISO accreditation behind it, a CIPP/E credential elevates your professional profile by deepening your knowledge and improving your job effectiveness. Tsaaro Academy along with IAPP constantly strives to keep the certification exams, textbooks, and training up to date to reflect the latest advances in privacy. The CIPM also includes critical concerns of Privacy and GDPR extensively. The GDPR mandates every organization to appoint a DPO (Data Protection Officer) tasked with monitoring compliance, managing internal data protection activities, training data processing staff, conducting internal audits, and more. 

There’s a lot to know, there’s a lot at stake and there are a lot of opportunities for privacy professionals with the right training and education. Sign up and take your first step towards upskilling your data privacy career today! 



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