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How to take the CIPP/E exam and become a certified Privacy Professional?

CIPPE exam

How to take the CIPP/E exam and become a certified Privacy Professional?


CIPP/E is one of the three protection affirmations presented by the IAPP (International Association of Privacy). They vary in the degree of intricacy and particularity of the information and abilities to be tried. These affirmations are perceived all around the world and show your expertise. CIPP/E is an affirmation that affirms information on the enactment and essential principles in the field of individual information assurance. There are likewise unique CIPP accreditations in the USA, Canada, and Asia, yet the most well-known is the European one.

How to take the CIPP/E exams?

The questions are divided into three sections, they are:

  • European Union institutions, GDPR history and general concepts of legislation;
  • GDPR rules;
  • The practice of GDPR application in different areas: marketing, monitoring, HR;

We should begin with the way that individuals, all things considered, can take the test, not just lawyers. They can be IT trained professionals, hazard chiefs, experts of the advertising division, HR, business people, and, truth be told, anybody.

The actual test is a PC test, which comprises 90 inquiries and keeps going 150 minutes. 

It is difficult to find it on the web. In this manner, to take it, you need to join and come to the closest Pearson VUE testing centre.

Test time is restricted. It is difficult to cheat on the grounds that at the passage you will be approached to leave all hardware, watches, phone, just as books and other data sources. You just have a work area with a PC and a little plastic board with a marker for notes. There is a camcorder that catches you during the test close to all working environments. The video is then put away for some time and if there should be an occurrence of a question you can get it and look at it. 

The CIPP test is accessible in English, French, and German. In any case, for the most part in English. Furthermore, it is trying to breeze through the test on the grounds that the necessary degree of language capability is better than expected.

This is a PC test, in which you need to pick the best choice for each question from a few proposed ones. The inquiries are very precarious, made expertly, yet with legitimate arrangement, you can without much of a stretch pass it. 

What helps is that this is an extremely normalised test, where every one of the standards are all around portrayed and unmistakably reasonable. There is just one right response to one inquiry, that you will decide promptly, knowing the guidelines and norms.

There are two sorts of inquiries in the test: the appropriate response alternatives and the cases. The cases abruptly ended up being exceptionally huge, and it set aside a long effort to understand them.

On a basic level, there is sufficient opportunity to address every one of the inquiries. However, you must be prepared for the way that in the second 50% of the test it turns out to be harder to obtain data. In any case, it is in English, and the inquiries go in a steady progression, so you step by step get drained and lose consideration. A few inquiries must be re-perused a few times to comprehend their substance.

How are the marks awarded?

Each segment is assessed in an unexpected way, contingent upon the significance and intricacy of the point. For the principal block you get less focus in light of the fact that the inquiries are less significant. The second and third squares are esteemed more.

The passing score is somewhere in the range of 60 and 75 percent, yet nobody knows what rationale decides your prosperity. You can get 500 focuses altogether for a test, yet you should score at least 300 focuses to pass it. Nobody realizes the number of focuses are granted and for which questions.

Additionally, there are various inquiries for each and every individual who breezes through the test. so there is no real reason for attempting to determine from the people who have effectively gotten the certificate what questions were on the test. No doubt, during the test you will be posed inquiries that contrast from those that your partners have replied.

You get the endorsement of finishing the assessment in electronic structure. It is messaged to you in regards to a month after the test. The actual declaration is posted on an extraordinary site, and, for example, you can share the connection to it on your site.

How to prepare yourself for the exams?

  • Go to the CIPP/E website and register yourself there.
    Pay your exam fees and schedule your exam date at the nearest exam centre to you. You will be required to present there physically. Make sure you select a date when you are not busy.
  • Try taking specialty courses or take online exam preparation classes . If you need special attention then you may consider taking a personal coach.
  • Go to the test on the named day and time . You will accept your outcome following the test. It will show up on the screen when you press the “Submit test” button. Furthermore, when you leave the test community, the worker will offer you a printout with your responses and focuses you got for them.


CIPP/E is the first out of a series of 3 certificates. Most people eventually get all of the certificates. This certificate lapses after a period of 2 years and requires regular updates.



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