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IAPP 2023 Annual Updates – Test on New Forms and Save! 

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is a global organization that exclusively focuses on Privacy and Data Protection. IAPP provides a community and resources for professionals working in the field of data privacy, which includes lawyers, consultants, and privacy officers in various industries.

IAPP 2023 Annual Updates – Test on New Forms and Save! 


The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is a global organization that exclusively focuses on Privacy and Data Protection. IAPP provides a community and resources for professionals working in the field of data privacy, which includes lawyers, consultants, and privacy officers in various industries.  

IAPP also offers certifications which include Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) that are recognized worldwide in the privacy industry. It includes CIPP/E and CIPP/US. The other certifications such as CIPT and CIPM are also issued by them.  Professionals getting these certifications demonstrate professional knowledge and understanding of privacy laws, regulations, and best practices.  

They also conduct research, publish articles, and reports, and organize conferences and events to promote the exchange of ideas and the advancement of privacy knowledge. The main goal of IAPP is to help privacy professionals to stay informed about the latest developments and evolution in the world of privacy and to support the effective management of privacy issues in organizations.  

Test on New forms! 

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), every year updates the exam forms to reflect changes in the industry and to retire older questions. Before implementing this form IAPP is about to collect exam data to verify the new form that meets their gold standard through their beta test.  

They invite the learners to help them with new CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, or CIPT exam forms and save significantly on the learner’s exam fees. An offer is also offered to the learners by IAPP, which is 50% off on the exam fee, which is a saving of $275 on a full-price exam.  

It should also be noted that if the learners’ exam is purchased by their employer, then this credit does not apply to them, and they are not eligible to avail of this benefit.  

When will this exam be conducted? 

IAPP is conducting these tests around the world at its 6000 computer-based testing centers. Or the learners can attend the tests from the comfort of their home or office with remote proctoring. It is to be noted that there are limited windows for testing.  

The following is the exam schedule given by IAPP, were the  

  • CIPP/E &CIPM is conducted from 24th July to 5th August. Registration is open and closes on 4th August.  
  • CIPP/US &CIPT is conducted from 7th to 19th August. Registration is open and closes on 18th August.  

Is this a new IAPP exam? 

It is not a new IAPP exam, to be precise they are a new form of the existing certification exam. These forms are separate versions of a specific test. For example, the CIPT exam may have different forms like form 1, form 2, etc.,  

IAPP has also stated that some questions repeat across different forms and are unique to each. However, all exams cover the same general content in a designation, regardless of the particular questions that appear on each form.  

So, it is not a new IAPP exam, instead, there are new forms of the existing certification exams conducted by IAPP.   

Why is there a need for new forms? 

IAPP has created many different forms of the existing certification exams, the main reason for creating different forms is partly due to security. The reason that IAPP has given is that if ever a form were leaked and several exam questions ended up on the internet, then IAPP would be able to quickly and easily retire that form and still have several others to safely administer.  

IAPP has also quoted that offering multiple forms is also desirable for the reason of the retake option. A test-taker who does not pass an exam the first time around will not see the same questions when the candidate appears again for the exam.  

How are the new forms different? 

The new forms are different from the exam forms that are currently in use. So, the candidates who are testing in the new forms should prepare for questions on the topics that are listed below.  

There are new versions of the body of knowledge here under, “Certification – Free Resources”. Please allow up to 4 weeks after the testing window closes to receive the scores.  

The new forms of the CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, and CIPT exams consist of 90 questions, and each is conducted within a 2.5 hours’ time limit. 

What are the expected contents of the exam?  

IAPP has updated the content that can be expected in the exams of each certification, they are as follows,  

In CIPP/E, the following are the updates: 

  • Convention 108+ 
  • Brexit 
  • NIS Directive / NIS 2 Directive 
  • EU Artificial Intelligence Act 
  • GDPR’s relationship to other laws (Payment Services Directive 2, Data Governance Act, Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, etc. 
  • Special categories of personal data 
  • Guidelines 01/2022 on data subject rights – Right of access 
  • Guidelines 9/2022 on personal data breach notification under GDPR 
  • Guidelines 01/2021 on Examples regarding Personal Data Breach Notification 
  • Schrems decisions 
  • Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework 
  • Guidelines 8/2022 on identifying a controller or processor’s lead supervisory authority 
  • Privacy by design: requirements set down by ISO 31700:2023 
  • Cookie Banner Transparency Standards 
  • Dark patterns in social media platforms 

In CIPP/US, the following are the updates: 

  • EU-US Data Privacy Framework 
  • FTC Health Breach Notification Rule 
  • Use of Online Tracking Technologies by HIPAA-Covered Entities and Business Associates 
  • Post-Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, healthcare privacy ramifications 
  • California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act 
  • Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act 
  • Connecticut and Utah data privacy statutes 
  • Facial recognition use restrictions 
  • California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) 

In CIPM, the following are the updates: 

  • Domain I Developing a Privacy Program and Domain II The Privacy Program Framework were combined into a single domain; Domain I Developing a Framework 
  • A new Domain II was added; Domain II: Establishing Program Governance

In CIPT, the following are the updates: 

  • Foundational Principles (e.g., OECD Principles, Privacy frameworks, and Privacy related Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  • Privacy-related Technology Fundamentals (e.g., Data/security incidents vs. personal data/privacy breaches, privacy and security practices within an organization) 
  • General responsibilities and technical responsibilities of the Privacy Technologist in the context of the organization 
  • Data Ethics (legal vs. ethical, moral and societal issues, bias/discrimination) during data collection 
  • Lack of informed consent, inaccuracies, and jurisdictional implications during data collection 
  • Intrusion, Decisional Interference and Self-Representation (Blackmail, Dark patterns) 
  • Software Security (Possible violations by service providers, change management, intrusion detection and prevention 
  • Technology implications of Privacy Regulations and Techniques (Processing/verification of Individual Rights Request (IRR), retention requirements, privacy incident reporting 
  • Privacy Interfaces and User Experience (Design effects on user behavior, UX design and useability of privacy-related functions, privacy notices, setting and consent management, usability testing) 
  • Evolving or Emerging Technologies in Privacy (Internet/eCommerce, Biometrics, Corporate IT Services, Advanced Computing, Social Networks) 

How to register?  

Candidates can easily purchase and register for their respective certification exams through the link given by IAPP. They can also schedule their exams on the beta testing dates.  


In conclusion, IAPP plays a major role when it comes to the world of Privacy and it also plays a crucial role in advancing the field of Privacy and data protection. Their certifications are widely recognized and are greatly respected in organizations. As the world evolves with the growth of technologies, IAPP also updates the contents of the exams, so the current updates in the exams by IAPP are something the candidates must be aware of. 

Tsaaro Academy is ready with the proposed changes in the contents, as our trainers have gone through the changes thoroughly. So, these updated contents will be taught by our trainers on the IAPP certification exams. Check out our courses at  



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