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Introduction to ISO 27701: New International Standard for privacy and data protection

ISO 27701 PIMS Lead Implementer

Introduction to ISO 27701: New International Standard for privacy and data protection

What is ISO 27701? 

A fully international approach to privacy protection as a part of information security is sought for by ISO 27701, which was published in August 2019.

A framework for data privacy called ISO 27701 expands upon ISO 27001. The most recent privacy best practices instructs businesses on the policies and practices that must be in place in order to abide by the GDPR and other data protection and privacy legislation.

PIMS (Privacy Information Management System) standard ISO 27701 lays out a thorough set of operational checklists that can be customized to various laws, including GDPR.

Companies document their policies, processes, protocols, and other operational activities in accordance with the operational checklists of the standard. Records are then examined by internal and external auditors, producing detailed evidence of compliance with the standard. Companies can lower privacy risks and maintain an efficient privacy and information security system with the support of ISO 27701.

How did ISO 27701 come about?

The goal of ISO 27701 was to create a standard for data privacy controls that, when used in conjunction with an ISMS, enable an organization to demonstrate efficient privacy data management.

The requirements for a PIMS in terms of privacy protection and handling personally identifiable information are set forth in ISO 27701. (PII).

The data protection requirement

In order to control how businesses and governmental organizations in the UK utilize personal or consumer data, the Data Protection Act (DPA) was passed into law. It defines rules for the use of personal data and protects persons.

A uniform set of data protection legislation for all EU member states is sought through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR makes it simpler for EU citizens to comprehend how their data is being used and to file any objections, should they have a concern with how their information is used, even if they are not in the nation where their data is held. The DPA, GDPR, and comparable laws and regulations can all be complied with using the framework provided by the ISO 27701 Standard.

What exactly is personally identifiable data?

Information that can be used to individually identify a person is known as personally identifiable information (PII). Although the data may not seem sensitive on its own, when seen in the context of other information, it can reveal a lot about a person or business.

Name, address, birthday, social security number, phone number, email address, and other details that can be used to identify a person are examples of personally identifiable information. Electronic identifiers like IP addresses, geolocation tags, and ID numbers may also be included in PII.

What is Privacy Information Management (PIM)?

The processes an organization uses to gather, handle, store, and destroy personally identifiable information, or PII, are referred to as privacy information management.

Establishing a privacy information management system guarantees that businesses abide by laws like the GDPR. The UK and EU have strict penalties for violating data privacy laws. For instance, the maximum fine is approximately €17 million, or 4% of global turnover (whichever is higher).

What constitutes the foundation of the standard?

Extensions of ISO/IEC 27001, one of the most commonly used international standards for information security management, include ISO 27701. It can be simple to integrate the new privacy controls of PIMS if your organization is already familiar with ISO/IEC 27001. Additionally, ISO 27002 and ISO 29100 are used as the foundation for ISO 27701. In addition to earlier information security standards, ISO 27701 provides a layer for data privacy. You might already be checking off some of the ISO 27701 boxes if you are already checking the boxes for other standards.

Important details to keep in mind regarding ISO 27001 and PIMS:

By creating a point of convergence between what may otherwise be two distinct roles, PIMS offers new controller- and processor-specific controls that assist organizations in overcoming the difficulties of privacy and security.

For privacy, security is crucial. Security management is based on ISO 27001 in ISO 22701 PIMS. It is not possible to get ISO 27701 certification alone; it can only be added to ISO 27001 certification.

How can Tsaaro help?

The ISO 27701-PIMS Lead Implementer Certification Course from Tsaaro Academy will teach you how to handle privacy information efficiently and win over your customers’ trust.

You can analyze the efficiency of PIMS controls and PIMS Privacy in your organization by taking this course, which teaches you how to put the principles of ISO/IEC 27701: 2019 into practice. It will assist you in comprehending how the ISO/IEC 27701 application forms the basis of a successful PIMS (Privacy Information Management System) and provides instructions for controllers and/or processors of personally identifiable information (PII) who process the PII.

The ISO 27701 Certification will formally recognise you as an ISO 27701 PIMS Lead Implementer and confirm the effectiveness of your company’s PIMS (Privacy Information Management System). 

After finishing our four-day program, you will be able to analyze the efficiency of your organization’s PIMS controls and implement the concepts of ISO/IEC 27701:2019. It will help you comprehend how the application of ISO/IEC 27701 lays the groundwork for a successful PIMS and offers suggestions for PII controllers and/or processors that are handling PII.

Learning about the relationships between ISO/IEC 27701, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27002 and other standards and regulatory frameworks are among the ISO training’s outcomes, as is mastering the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used for the implementation and effective management of a PIMS. Another outcome of the course is understanding how a PIMS based on ISO/IEC 27701 functions and its main processes.

Learning how to interpret the requirements of ISO/IEC 27701 in the particular context of an organization and developing the expertise to support an organization in effectively planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and maintaining a PIMS are also included in this course. It also includes learning about the generalities and comparison between GDPR, CCPA, PDPB, UAE’s Data Protection law, and Kenya’s DPA.

The ISO training concludes with a test. At the conclusion of the program, if you pass the certification exam, you will receive the ISO 27701-PIMS Lead Implementer certification. You are free to choose a time for the exam. Passing Standards: 50% of the overall points You have a total of two chances to pass the test.


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