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Prepare for the Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) Exam


Prepare for the Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) Exam

To begin understanding CIPP/US, one must first understand what CIPP is. An individual who has met all the requirements of the International Association of Privacy Professionals and holds a valid certification is referred to as a certified information privacy professional.

The prerequisites are: 

  •  You must receive a passing percentage in your exam.
  • The IAPP code of ethics must be followed.

The CIPP has four concentrations for this certification, divided into regions: 

  • CIPP / A: covering Asia
  • CIPP/E: covering Europe 
  • CIPP/US: covering the United States 
  • CIPP/C: covering Canada 


As a result of the rise in cybercrime, privacy has gotten more complex, attracting more people to careers in privacy and cyber security. Privacy certificates are a great option in this situation. Anyone who wants to learn more about US privacy law or show their existing knowledge in practice. To obtain this certification, a candidate must first read the candidate handbook or another source where the rules and regulations about the exam are outlined, appear for the test, and pass it (all of which require payment). According to IAPP, their accreditation is recognized and made to “Assess professional ability and expertise.”

Generally, the main topics covered are:

  • An introduction to the US privacy environment; 
  • State privacy legislation; 
  • Workplace privacy;
  • Limits to private sector data collection and use; 
  • Access to private sector information by government and courts.

Although there are no requirements for qualifying for the Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States exam the following individuals should ideally take this certification exam:

  • Professionals in the legal and compliance fields who work with big data
  • Company secretaries and Chartered Accountants in data-intensive businesses
  • Young lawyers seeking employment in the departments of data governance or data protection in organizations.

Benefits of Getting Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States Certification 

  • One will obtain a basic understanding of global concepts connected to privacy and data protection law, important privacy concepts, and principles.
  • It is one of the top certifications in privacy. 
  • The majority of multinational corporations as well as tech start-ups are looking towards hiring lawyers who can understand federal and state data privacy laws, and this certification can be convincing. 
  • One can secure positions such as privacy manager, common complaints manager, privacy counsel, privacy analyst, data privacy consultant, privacy specialist, data privacy advisor, etc.

IAPP study materials for Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States 

On the IAPP website, a person can get a variety of documents to help them study for the exam.

  • The body of knowledge and the exam blueprint are the two more valuable documents.
  • The body of knowledge list outlines the subjects that a person needs to study to pass the exam.
  • The exam blueprint specifies the scoring of each component. The IAPP material’s several subjects each have a separate score. Understanding which section is the most crucial requires familiarity with the exam’s structure.
  • Along with these documents, there are additional priceless materials to be found. These resources include an authorized resource list, a glossary of privacy terms, and a study guide.
  • In addition to this, you can follow classroom instructions and other online study tools.

Studying for the CIPP US exams? 

Following are some advice and suggestions to aid with your exam preparation:

  • The exam must be well studied for. The amount of time needed for preparation will vary depending on the individual.
  •  One must thoroughly read the CIPP study guide as it will assist them in answering questions.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the law’s articles, which are crucial from the perspective of the exam.
  •  Complete practice questions downloaded from the IAPP website read through other relevant books, or choose online training

Exam Format

  • There are 90 multiple-choice questions, and the test takes 2.5 hours to complete.
  •  Your score and pass/fail results are displayed on the screen when you complete the exam

Registering for the exam 

  • For registering for the  CIPP/US certification One must get it from the IAPP.The cost is $550
  • If you are attempting the exam for the second time the cost comes to $375.
  • After passing the exam One must pay a Certification Maintenance Fee or become an IAPP Member, if you become an IAPP Member the certification Maintenance Fee is waived.

once You become an IAPP Member or paid a certification maintenance Fee, you also need to submit Continuing Privacy Education ( CPE) credits. 

CPEs are the IAPP ‘s policy to ensure certification holders are aware of the latest updates in privacy. 


The CIPP/US course is designed to help students build professional skills and evaluate the organisations’ privacy. Enrolling in the CIPP/US training will satisfy all exam preparation criteria.

This particular instructor-led online course is offered by Tsaaro Academy in preparation for the CIPP/US certification exam. To prepare for the CIPP /US exam as well as other privacy professional certifications you can enroll in our Certification Training.



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