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Shortage of Privacy Engineering Talents – Can CIPT Certification Help?  


Shortage of Privacy Engineering Talents – Can CIPT Certification Help?  


According to Cyberseek, a global shortage of cybersecurity and privacy professionals takes 21% longer to fill than the other positions related to Information Technology (IT). Even though layoffs are taking place in every corner of the world in the various IT positions, there’s demand in the position of data privacy professionals and cybersecurity experts. It is expected to grow by 30% by 2027 stated the reports of the World Economic Forum (WEF)   

As organizations are collecting data from customers, they are obliged to protect the data according to the existing privacy regulations. The big-tech companies like Amazon, Meta, and Twitter have faced data breach incidents which resulted in high demand for cybersecurity as well as privacy professionals to secure the data of the companies in this data-driven world.  

In-demand Jobs in the Privacy Landscape  

The data privacy job titles that are in demand appear to be under technology, operations, and legal functions.  

Privacy job titles in technology – Security advisor IT Security and Privacy, Senior Privacy Engineer, Data Protection endpoint security ops, Director data architect data security, Privacy program manager, data privacy analyst, cyber data protection manager.  

Privacy job titles in Operations – Head of Compliance and Privacy, Operational Risk Officer Privacy, Data Security business analyst, Chief Privacy Officer.  

Privacy job titles in legal – Senior Privacy Counsel, Data Privacy Counsel, Senior Associate Data Privacy, Public Policy Manager Privacy, and Cybersecurity.   

The above-mentioned are some of the in-demand privacy professions in the data privacy landscape.   

Shortage of Privacy Engineering Talents  

Building trust among customers and complying with privacy regulations results in the need for privacy professionals. Engineers with Privacy expertise are in great demand. The shortage of Privacy Engineering talents can be filled with upskilling and training. The driving pace for this trend is due to reasons like data-intensive technology innovation, marketplace demands centered on fair data processing, privacy enforcement, and trusted technology standards.   

Privacy programs and privacy certifications can help engineers gain knowledge of privacy to get into this privacy landscape, where there is more demand for highly skilled professionals. And the rise of Artificial Intelligence is providing opportunities in governance and compliance roles. Building products by implementing privacy by design and default throughout the lifecycle of building the product is also a significant thing a privacy engineer can build and comply with the regulations at the same time.  

Become a skilled Privacy Engineer with a Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) certification  

Acquiring Privacy certifications like Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) helps in gaining skills that could fill the shortage of privacy talents and acquire an in-demand privacy position in the growing privacy landscape. The CIPT certification perfectly blends technology and privacy. Individuals who are tech pros and want to accelerate their data privacy careers can opt for CIPT certification. CIPT certification is relevant for those who are developing products, engineers, and conducting IT audit services, applications, and devices.   

The CIPT-certified experts know how to build privacy architecture from the foundation itself. It opens the door to many opportunities, where the employers who are hiring these CIPT-certified professionals become a huge benefit for the organization which ensures that security and data privacy is in the right hands. An individual who is CIPT certified also creates room for promotion with higher packages.   

What you’ll learn in CIPT?   

The CIPT certification is offered by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) , it covers topics that enrich the learner with the knowledge of privacy and technology. The demand for privacy professionals and to fill the gap in the privacy engineering talents this certification was introduced by IAPP. The need for skilled and certified professionals is what organizations look for when hiring. Acquiring certifications can also increase the subject knowledge of the individual which automatically raises confidence in an individual, it also shows the individual’s dedication.   

The following topics are covered in the CIPT certification curriculum, which includes,   

  1. Foundation principles of privacy  
  1. The Role of Information Technology in Privacy  
  1. Privacy threats and violations  
  1. Technical measures and privacy-enhancing technologies  
  1. Privacy Engineering  
  1. Privacy by Design Methodology  
  1. Technology Challenges to Privacy  

After acquiring CIPT, an individual will have an in-depth understanding of how privacy impacts Information Technology, Consumer privacy responsibilities, regulations, and best practices, inserting privacy into the beginning of each project to control costs, enhance accuracy, establishing a set of privacy practices for all data that are transmitted, understanding data privacy relation to the Internet of Things (IoT), Privacy and data classification, and Privacy issue communication and collaboration.   

CIPT training   

IAPP offers four modes of training for individuals who are looking to get certified with CIPT, which include online training, live training, in-person training, and group training. The CIPT exam consists of 85 multiple-choice questions within the time frame of two and a half hours. Scheduling can be done up to 90 days in advance. The experts recommend training and studying for at least 30 hours before appearing for the exam.   

Individuals need to thoroughly understand and learn the concepts in the textbook and try applying real-world practical problems to concepts. IAPP also provides a handbook for the learners of CIPT. Applying the principles and practicing can help you attend the mock tests that boost your confidence for attending the main exam.   

Responsibilities of IAPP Certified Information Privacy Technologist  

An individual certified with CIPT will grab the attention of employers since they are enriched and skilled with knowledge of technology and privacy. So Certified Information Technologists can build privacy-friendly products, services, and processes by embedding data protection throughout every stage of development, Recognizing the benefits and challenges of emerging technologies and how to use them while respecting customer privacy, Protecting data from various forms of interference, designing software and systems to ensure privacy, establishing privacy practices for data security and control such as minimization, limited access, and encryption. They can audit infrastructure, communicate privacy issues with management, development, marketing, and legal departments and collaborate to produce solutions.   

How Tsaaro Academy can help you to acquire CIPT certification?  

Tsaaro Academy provides training for CIPT certification. Tsaaro Academy is a training partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Our trainers are involved in providing privacy services and have hands-on experience in the privacy field. They are certified with various privacy certifications like CIPP/E, CIPM, and ISO certifications. They have performed privacy audits and have in-depth privacy knowledge and experience.  


Acquiring CIPT certifications helps engineers elevate their careers with the knowledge of technology and privacy. As the world is witnessing the growth of technology there exists a growth of privacy engineers, in this digital world. Acquiring the CIPT can make you a skilled professional in the privacy landscape can help in filling the shortage of skilled Privacy Engineer in the market.   



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