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Study Strategies For The Cipp/Us: Exam Tips And Tricks For Success 

Study Strategies For The Cipp/Us: Exam Tips And Tricks For Success 

As the demand for privacy professionals is increasing, it is significant to follow the roadmap if you are aiming to become one. Acquiring certifications in the field of privacy is one among them. It boosts your CV and there is a high chance of preference in the job market.  

If you’re an individual looking to take up CIPP/US Exam or preparing for this exam, and looking for tips and strategies to study and crack this exam then you’re in the right place.  


The CIPP/US Exam is administered by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), this covers the privacy laws and regulations of the United States and also transferring of personal information into and out of the United States. In the journey of becoming a privacy professional, it is important to acquire this certification where you’ll have an in-depth understanding of US privacy laws and regulations. 


Preparing for this exam may be daunting at times, and studying for a long time might be a boring task so making it more creative by using fun methods might make your preparation journey successful. Here are some of the tips, tricks, and study strategies that you might find helpful if you’re preparing for this exam. 

Plan your study time 

The preparation time recommended by IAPP is 30 hours of preparation time and full dedication toward studying will help you to pass. But according to the experience of leaner’s 60 – 80 hours are needed to prepare thoroughly for this exam. So, according to the type of learner, it differs accordingly, but it is suggested to dedicate as many hours as possible to dedicate the time to prepare. 

For some learners preparing timetables, for the entire syllabus might work, it is also recommended to plan the topics that you wanted to study throughout the day and strike out the topics that you’ve completed might help you to have a track record of the topics that you’ve covered and not covered. Dedicate more time to the topics that are most important and vast. 

Use resources to the max 

Some resources are available, especially the IAPP CIPP/US textbook, it is necessary to master it and understand the topics. Reading the book and highlighting the important points is necessary.  

There are free resources also available online, especially IAPP offers sample questions, and Tsaaro Academy provides mock quizzes on CIPP/US certification exam which will be greatly helpful if you’re preparing for this exam.  

Attending online webinars, and online certification courses will also be useful to gain knowledge for this exam. 

Take notes 

Taking notes, of the lessons may help you to understand the concepts clearly and it greatly helps in last-minute preparation before the exam. Using creative ideas like drawing signs on important topics, marking the topics that need more understanding, and marking the repeated questions can also be done. 

Watch online training videos from IAPP and take notes, and it is also advisable to read the text and take handwritten notes.  

Break it down  

Don’t get too scared by seeing the complex topics, breaking down those into small snippets helps in not ignoring them, and using online resources to understand such topics will give you more confidence in attending such questions. 

Create flashcards 

Creating flashcards helps you to remember the important terms and definitions, the goal is not to memorize the definition but to understand the key terms and the context to attend the questions that are asked based on that. 

Understanding the step-by-step process like the steps that need to be taken for data loss prevention or the key points for building a privacy framework can be easily remembered by creating flashcards, where the sequential order of that particular process can be understood by using such flashcards. It’ll be easy to attend this type of question if asked. 

Don’t skim the study guide 

Skimming might help you save time but there is a chance of missing out on important points. Reading every line of the study guide or the textbook is important. Reading every law in the textbook and outlining them is recommended, combining all the laws mentioned helps in last-minute revisions that help you to avoid confusion and saves time by not searching in the textbook. So, pay attention to minute details. 

Create flow charts 

Flowcharts and mind maps are some of the creative methods to make your preparation journey not so boring. They help you to break down the complex process simple and it’s a great and easy way to remember and recall while answering. 

Attend mock tests 

Attending mock tests and quizzes will highly help manage the time when attending the exam, the also helps with the type of questions that’ll be asked in the exam, since it is multiple choice questions, it is advisable to take this since if are confused on some of the questions that are asked then you’ll have ample time to understand that topic later before attending the main exam. So, attend and review the results and introspect on which topic you’ll need more understanding or the topics that you’re weak so try reading it again. 

 As mentioned above Tsaaro Academy provides mock quizzes for free to try your hands on it. 

Exam timeline 

  • 1 or 2 months before the exam try reading the notes, and the flashcards you’ve made and review how strong you’re with the topics, if not re-read it for better understanding. 
  • Once you find that you’re strong with the topics then try attending the mock quizzes and exams, it is advisable to take it prior 2 to 3 weeks before the main exam 
  • Review and revisit the topics in which you think you’re weak. 
  • Make use of the resources, notes, and flashcards, and attend the exam. 

Follow the above said tips, tricks, and strategies to get successful in CIPP/US exam.  



If you’re looking for CIPP/US certification or CIPP/US training, check out Tsaaro, where the trainers assist you to become a privacy professional. Trainers at Tsaaro are equipped with in-depth knowledge of privacy and have hands-on experience in the privacy world. 

Different perks are available if you take CIPP/US certification or CIPP/US training at Tsaaro Academy. 



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