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Upcoming changes to the CIPT exam

Upcoming changes to the CIPT exam

The CIPT ( certified information Privacy technologist ) certification offered by the International Association of privacy professionals is a highly reputed certification for persons working in Information security, IT or engineering, and data management, This certification will show cases of technical skill sets for incorporating privacy practices in the developmental stage of any application and also this certification will be an apt pathway to master the intricacies of both data privacy and other implementation-oriented technological components to ensure privacy protection and smooth operation with a duality of mitigating potential risks and privacy compliance goals.

According to the IAPP website, CIPT is being recognized as a gold standard among other data privacy certifications since the said certification is being accredited by ANSI National accreditation board under ISO 17024:2012 since ANAB accredited certifications programmers that have highest standards of best practices in their respective field the ANAB accredited CIPT certification will elevate career and help you to stand out from other data privacy professionals since CIPT certified person will be more equipped with policies, techniques and process to understand and manage cyber security risks thereby enabling privacy compliance data usage for business entities and such entities in return will retain enhanced their customers regarding data governance and risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

Once you have completed the CIPT exam, you will be familiar with skills ranging from 

  • Designing privacy-equipped software for business entities.
  • Embedding data privacy principles in every stage of development of products and services and thereby building privacy-friendly services and products to end consumers. 
  • Undergoing implementation of privacy standards like data mitigation, access restriction, encryption etc.
  • Conducting well-detailed audits and acting as a communication point to address privacy issues with different departments of an entity ranging from development, management, and legal and collaborating with such inter-departments to produce technical solutions to address the said privacy issue.

Apart from the above skills, the study modules of the CIPT exam consist of new emerging concepts including Privacy enhancing techniques, strategies and Privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), privacy by design methodologies (PbD) etc. Apart from PETs, PbD ‘s there is a separate model for studying privacy engineering in detail from implementing privacy engineering in a company to understand and effectively implement technological controls to maintain privacy compliance throughout the development cycle. According to a report published by PWC, there is a huge privacy engineering talent shortage in the world and it notes that such cyber roles take 21% longer time to fill than other normal Information technology job roles. So this certification will be very helpful in discerning themselves from other IT and cyber security professionals.

The IAPP regularly updates their syllabus modules to maintain the quality of training and keep up with futuristic technological improvements. To align with ever-evolving privacy compliance requirements the IAPP has updated the syllabus modules for CIPT exams which is applying to persons who intend to take their CIPT exams after October 3, 2023. so the candidates who intend to take their CIPT exams after the said date are obliged to follow the updated body of knowledge guidelines for CIPT exam preparation. 

Syllabus for candidates who intended to take exams before October 3, 2023:

For those taking the CIPT exams before October 3, 2023, the syllabus includes seven modules ranging from

  1. Foundational principles with 3 sub modules 
  2. IT’s role in protecting Privacy with 3 sub modules
  3. Privacy threats and violations with 5 sub modules
  4. Technical measures and privacy enhancing technologies with 5 sub modules
  5. Privacy engineering with 4 sub modules
  6. Privacy by design methodology with 2 sub modules
  7. Technology challenges for privacy with 5 sub-modules.

Syllabus for candidates who intended to take CIPT certification after October 3, 2023:

The new syllabus contains prominent changes concerning the upcoming changes in the domain of data protection and technological innovation. Notably, changes include the addition of ISO 27701 and BS 100112 privacy information standards, OECD principles, a general introduction to privacy-related technology fundamentals and revamping the second module of IT role in protecting privacy into a new title of The privacy technologist role in the context of an organization in which the key terminologies of DPO, CPO, legal compliance and understanding their various roles has been inserted and also in its second sub-module the technical responsibilities, the privacy compliance concepts including managing of data subject rights, data flow mapping, Supporting ROPA etc. has been inserted to professional enhancing the quality of the CIPT certificate holders in dual subjects of privacy and information security.

The major changes include 

1.  in module 1, there is an addition of a new sub-module tilted” General understanding of privacy related technology fundamentals” in which 11 new concepts ranging from 

  1. Risk concepts (e.g., threats, vulnerability) 
  2. Data/security incidents vs. personal data breaches
  3. Privacy and security practices within an entity 
  4. Understanding how technology supports information governance in an organization 
  5. External Data Protection and Privacy notices 
  6. Internal Data Protection and Privacy guidelines, policies and procedures 
  7. Third-party agreements
  8. Privacy related Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  9. Data inventories, classification and records of processing 
  10. Enterprise architecture and data flows for cross-border data flow 
  11. DPIAs and PIAs.

2. In module 2 which is completely revamped and a new module of technical responsibilities of Privacy technologists has been introduced which covers concepts including:

  1. KRI’s and KPI’s development and reporting 
  2. Handling DSAR
  3. Data mapping and ROPA support assistant
  4. Implementing PETs in an entity
  5. Reviewing security incidents/investigations and advising on breach notification etc. are being newly inserted

3. In module 7 which is revamped as Evolving Technologies in privacy discusses current technological advancements in 6 modules tilted 

  1. Robotics and IoT
  2. Internet and E-commerce
  3. Biometrics
  4. Corporate IT services
  5. Advanced computing including NFT, Machine learning, quantum computing, data management and analytics, blockchain, AI etc.
  6. Social networks 

 Obtaining a CIPT Certification from Tsaaro Academy offers numerous benefits, As an official training partner of IAPP with over 1100 alumni and with a team of experienced trainers who has an in-hand experience in conducting real-time privacy solutions and compliance requirements and the flexible training modules with updated course contents concerning IAPP study guidelines and engaging interaction based lectures with real-life examples and a team of experts who is dedicated and available at any time to answer and assist any type of queries and with a cherry on top of all the above the persons who completed the CIPP course by Tsaaro academy is also being provided with certification of completion that will boost your professional credibility and career prospects.

Take Tsaaro’s CIPT mock exams per the latest rule and regulatory updates. You can stay current with the shifting regime by taking these practice examinations. 

Take the mock and be your judge 

Tsaaro Academy also offers virtual training for other courses such as CIPM, CIPP/E,CIPP/Us CIPP/C and more.



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