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What is New to Learn in the Certified Ethical Hacker-CEH v12

Certified Ethical Hacker training - CEH v12?

What is New to Learn in the Certified Ethical Hacker-CEH v12

With new cyber security concerns on the rise, the CEH Certification has seen a rise in demand and so has the CEH v12 training. There are many modifications in Certified Ethical Hacker Version 12 (CEH V12), which is more advanced than Version 12 was. Attacks techniques and the lab have grown. 

Launched on September 7th, 2022 The most challenging and sought-after information security training programme worldwide is the CEH v12 course. The Certified Ethical Hacker Version 12 includes more than 500 new threats and vulnerabilities (CEH V12).  

What fundamental principles underlie ethical hacking? 

Hackers adhere to four key protocol principles: 

  • Continue to obey the law. Hackers must gain the required authorization before entering and performing a security assessment. 
  • Define the range. To make sure that the job to be done is legal and within the organization’s approved constraints, hackers are required to set the boundaries of the assessment. 
  • Identify any weaknesses. The organisation should be informed of any vulnerabilities discovered throughout the evaluation. The hackers are also expected to offer suggestions for resolving these problems. 
  • Consider the sensitivity of the data. Ethical hackers may be compelled to sign a non-disclosure agreement in addition to other terms and restrictions imposed by the evaluating organisation.   

What new is included in The Certified Ethical Hacker-CEH v12? 

  • In CEH v12, the most recent hacking techniques, sophisticated hacking tools, and exploits used by hostile hackers and information security professionals are all addressed. 
  • In-depth explanations of various attack vectors, ethical hacking stages, and preventative remedies may all be found in CEH v12. 
  • By understanding the motivations and methods of malevolent hackers, you will be better equipped to create a security system and thwart future attacks.  
  • Organizations can strengthen their system security measures and lower the risk of an incident by having a better awareness of system flaws and vulnerabilities. 

How Tsaaro can help you learn through Certified Ethical Hacker-CEH v12? 

Among the Cyber Security Certifications given by Tsaaro Academy, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification is the most comprehensive training for network security experts. This internationally recognised certification validates network administrators, auditors, and experts’ practical security knowledge. Because its content is vendor-neutral, this course covers a wide range of network-security concepts. CEH v12 training prepares one for this certification, and sets the tone for a successful career in ethical hacking and cyber security. 

This Certified Ethical Hacker Training is analogous to one for penetration testers. Businesses frequently engage ethical hackers to test the security of their networks or the vulnerabilities of their websites with the express consent of the organisation.   

About the course.  

The C|EH® training programme consists of 20 modules that cover a variety of technologies, tactics, and procedures, giving aspiring ethical hackers the fundamental skills they need to succeed in the cybersecurity industry. 

The topics covered in the training curriculum are evenly divided between knowledge-based education and real-world application using our cyber range. Every approach covered in training is supported by step-by-step experiments conducted in a virtualized environment with real targets, live tools, and susceptible systems. Thanks to our lab technologies, every participant will get plenty of hands-on experience learning and using their information.   

Outcomes with Tsaaro Academy.  

  • Reconnaissance and Footprinting 
  • Malware Analysis 
  • Wireless Network Security 
  • IDS, Firewalls and honeypots Mobile, 
  • IoT and Web Security 
  • Vulnerability Assessment  

This CEH course at Tsaaro Academy will make you an expert in the following skills, among many others: 

  • Advanced concepts of hacking 
  • Firewalls, IDS, and Honeypot 
  • Advanced-level log management 
  • Analysis of network packets 
  • Backdoors and Trojans 
  • System hacking and more. 

The Course content revolves with 20 modules, each dealing with specific topics and concerns in details.  With Course Delivery Format works on giving 4 Live practical sessions with case studies, followed by 2 Recorded lectures and an Instructor-led online training by Renowned Industry Experts providing best hands-on training will be your trainers.  

The Certified Ethical Hacker training course will teach students about hacking in a wholly practical way, adhering to the principle of “Learning by Doing.” You will finish each stage in this Certified Ethical Hacker course, from scanning and identifying vulnerable targets to hacking into those systems and providing fixes. The student gains a comprehensive understanding of hacking tools and strategies thanks to the hands-on approach. The simulated lab setting will show how actual hackers get over the company’s multi-tiered defences. We examine the network for vulnerabilities while simulating an adversarial hacker’s hacking techniques. He seeks to exploit the holes that he finds in order to assess the network’s strength and provide pertinent preventive actions. The majority of nations consider hacking or unauthorised access to any network or system to be crimes. You will learn how to hack as well as how to generate viruses, DDoS assaults, intrusion detection techniques, and social engineering in this Certified Ethical Hacker course. Get in touch with us at to know about our services.



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