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Top 10 Skills for a Career in Privacy and Security

Top 10 Skills for a Career in Privacy and Security

With the world rapidly moving towards technological advancement, data protection, privacy, and security professionals have seen a huge demand and are expected to grow even more in the coming years.

Every company has an onus to protect the data of their clients, but are found having a hard time protecting their database from a security breach, data thefts, and system hacks which can not only jeopardize the company’s credibility, productivity, and reputation but also incur the company with hefty charges as a penalty.

The launch of the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 and India’s Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 has compelled the companies both in India and around the world towards making security and data protection a priority, as a result, this has opened up new opportunities for IT Professionals, Engineers, Lawyers, or anyone who is willing to build a career in this field.

Who can build a career in data privacy and security?

There are an array of roles available in this space for IT Professionals, Engineers, Lawyers who can contribute towards securing the company’s data from possible breaches.

– Young lawyers interested in transitioning from traditional fields of law to technology law and working with fast-growing startups, law firms, or corporate privacy departments.

– In-house lawyers who wish to help their companies deal with data protection and privacy issues on a worldwide scale.

– Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries who desire to offer one-of-a-kind and high-value services to their clients, especially related to technology.

What are the available career opportunities in Privacy and security?

A person in the above professions can be employed in a range of roles in this arena, some of the roles in this field are:

Data Protection Officer

Cybercrime Investigator

Chief Privacy Officer·

Chief Information Security Officer

Security Consultant

Security Administrator

Penetration Tester

Security Software Developer

Security Specialist

Security Architect

Risk Manager

Security Engineer

What are the Professional certifications required?

There are various internationally accredited certifications that can help in building a career in Data privacy, protection, and security. International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community providing certifications such as CIPP/E, CIPT, CIPM, etc. Certifications like Data Protection Officer offered by Tsaaro Academy, an IAPP Official Training Partner can help in upskilling yourself and beginning your career as a Data Protection Officer.Data Protection Officer Certification, and/or CIPM are required.

What are the Top Ten Skills required for a successful career in Data Privacy and Security?

1. Good understanding of the Laws:

A successful candidate will have a deep understanding of the laws governing the privacy and security arena. Knowledge of laws regulating data protection and privacy under GDPR and PDPB, along with the essential certifications will enable privacy and security professionals to advise the company better in privacy-related matters.

2. Security Analysis:

An individual trying to build a career in this field is expected to have an understanding of different types of security systems used by companies and prospective breaches any company has to face in case of a cyber-attack, an IT professional possessing the necessary skills to minimize possible threats or attacks are always looked out by the companies.

3. Penetration Testing:

As a security analyst, Penetration Tester you are expected to identify the vulnerabilities in the system and protect it from possible hackers. Organizations look to hire penetration testers, ethical hackers to probe their systems for vulnerabilities.

4. Technical Knowledge:

An Engineer or IT professional with good technical knowledge of cloud security, data science, and analytics, who can develop good secure software, and identify malware is required by the companies to store, process, and manage their data. Although all career prospects in privacy do not require you to be a tech specialist, a fair knowledge of the technicalities like different software, security architecture designs will give you an essential edge over other competitors in the field.

5. Compliance:

A profession in this data privacy should essentially comply with the laws governing the areas of privacy and security, he will be responsible for all the necessary compliance a company has to do to save them from hefty penalties.

6. Investigation:

Any person with a fascination towards investigation and who possesses questioning skills is a natural fit for the job. Privacy and security professionals have to think like a hacker and navigate through the system and laws to secure the data and bring their inner Sherlock Holmes out frequently!

7. Critical and quick thinking:

Security and privacy professionals along with the necessary knowledge of technology and laws also have to be able to deal with high-pressure situations and think of ways to mitigate the problems at minimal risk, cost, and damage in case of a data breach. Once a security incident is identified an immediate, quick response is expected from a professional in this field who can solve multifaceted situations.

8. Communication:

For any profession clear communication skills is a must-have, for a privacy career, you should be able to communicate complete data breaches, laws, and security systems effectively. Persuasive and effective communication to convince the clients and company is not one b to be compromised.

9. Collaboration:

To build a career in privacy, data protection, or security you will be asked frequently to partner up or collaborate with different branches, for example, a Lawyer working as Data Protection Officer needs to work alongside an IT professional building different data security structures and vice versa. A career in Data Privacy and security is a marriage of necessary laws and technical skills, collaboration between the two is essential.

10. Passion for learning:

Data protection officers or information security professionals are exposed to threats that are constantly evolving. Since many countries are either adapting the laws or are yet to adapt, even the ones who have already adapted need to keep updating themselves as the laws are constantly evolving and adapting to the new threats and vulnerabilities. With new technology comes the new threat, new laws, and new challenges which require data privacy and security professionals to solve them.


If you are really passionate about building a career in the data protection sector and looking for the right trainer and learners community, check out the courses offered by Tsaaro Academy to find the right course for you and start your upskilling today.



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